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So should I bother saying a cheesy hi?


I am Kobby. Thanks for trudging around the Internet and stumbling on my very-hole-in-the-wall blog. I appreciate you reading my about deranged personal life (now there’s a tautology!), and everything I’d like to include with it.

So I do all kinds of creative writing. Fiction (books), Scriptwriting (movies), How (Not) To lifestyle articles (Magazines), reviewing events, reviewing products. And upon a recent stint in an advertising agency, copywriting and throwing together some catchy proposals for campaigns and the like.

There’s me listing all my numerous abilities on everything I possibly can do (unless you are a very demanding client for which I’d have to raise my creativity bar higher to meet your needs).

For anything creative writing do contact me, and if I find the assignment ridiculously challenging (because who doesn’t want to stay up all night bent on rocket science formulae) I would quickly, in record time reply to your email.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Oh, plus, in case you (or possibly I) do not get the email link above right, there’s always this contact form to reach me.

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