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Kobby just turned eighteen (since the last time he updated this page) and loves to write. He is all about his books and not your ideal kind of guy if you share no appreciation for written literature as he can go on and on for hours (which can really get boring). Single-handedly, he has taken photos of himself dangling on a branch, and sewn himself a ‘juteans’ (a jeans made out of jute).

He lives at McCarthy with memories of his dead dog, Victory, and is currently writing the eleventh episode of his book, Mo’Town Diaries and juggling between editing previous unpublished titles and managing this blog (which is such a herculean task, he might just throw in the towel-----just kidding).


Mo’Town Diaries is focused on the fabulous lives of Mo’Town High’s elite. In a group where style meets incredibly dark secrets, every member of D’elitaire must watch out for the BLOGGER. You can only hide your secrets for long with the BLOGGER around.
Dawn Matthews, Ryan Simpson, Baron Plange, Reina Kassimis, Kelley and Lori Morris signed their fate right when they stepped into the boy’s gym for their first D’elitaire briefing. Together they learn that being filthy rich and in the school’s most influential group, La Table D’elitaire, there is a price to pay. But it will be too late, MO’TOWN DIARIES will make its debut, and a school of over a thousand students―who steadily lick their boots but eagerly wait for their fallout―will be in on their dark, twisted secrets. Follow Kobby’s series which races you through episodes of designer wardrobes, glamorous parties, tongue-in-cheek humour, unending mystery and suspense. 

             I Don't Know How She Will Do It
Book Blurb: Lily has had it with Aunt Lizzie. She wants her inheritance. She wants to be free. Aunt Lizzie wants Lily to find a husband, though she thinks it’s impossible. To her Lily could kiss freedom goodbye since it might be about the only person who’d allow that. 
Aunt Lizzie’s thinking marriage; Lily’s thinking marriage-if-anyone-would-ever-want-me. Aunt Lizzie’s thinking cooking, cleaning and looking after a family; Lily wants a career that isn’t home-running. Aunt Lizzie’s not bent on making Lily have her way. So what would Lily do? She’d plot to gain her inheritance. She’d plot to gain her freedom. Her dad’s will says nothing about Mr. Right, neither does it mention an aspiring actress eager to break into Hollywood. 
Join Lily in her quest for freedom as she poses as a couple with Clare behind a camouflage of flashy cars and cupcakes in order to get that inheritance. Follow this hilarious recipe of a low self-esteem girl, a sassy self-employed actress, an Aunt whose quotes would get you raising brows and two grannies who are willing to help low self-esteem girl. But watch out, one has a pistol which she stashes in her underwear.


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