Friday, 21 November 2014

Why Men Love Goatees

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, they could be new styles.
In honor of ‘No Shave November’, Girls are on and on about why men love to keep up the ‘Billy Goat’ look. But secretly, they want us to keep them on and wish they’d know why we do want to keep our goatees. Now they know (and they are going to be hooked).
 1 “Besides me loving it, I keep it on because, it’s my point of reference to check if a girl is hot. If I want to have an internal communication with myself on if this chick is my type, I speak to my goatee (by pulling at it). If I wince, damn,  the girl is hot, if I do not, she’s just not eye-grabbing enough to make me forget I’m yanking on my goatee.”—Cyril, 20, KNUST.
79% of guys agree
(Now, ladies, you know just how to know if a guy thinks you are worth-approaching. With this knowledge know if a guy can score some brownie—ahem, befloaf points with you.)

2 I read somewhere girls love guys with facial hair, (WHERE EXACTLY??). All my life, I’ve been experiencing a serious case of Facial Nakedness (WHAT IS THAT AGAIN??) and once, I saw two baby hair shooting out of my chin. Gee, I was thrilled! Girls are gonna love me now! And now they want to me to strip it off? Girls go on and on about hating bad boys, but those are the same guys they always feel drawn to. So I get them (girls). I really do. They are trying to play hard-to-get with my goatee.”—CJ, 20, UPS.
85% of guys agree
(REALLY? Twenty-first century guys, are you all on coke or some exotic, um, drink we haven’t heard about? I’m not really into this theory, but it does sound… intriguing)

3 Ladies, if you are getting your morning beverage, swallow up because this is going to make you spew…
“Listen, really, why should I shave mine off when you have yours on?”—Michael, 27, Legon.
99% of guys agree
Laugh us a gas! Really? Women, guys want you to know they find it offensive when you discriminate. It’s all unfair when men are called sexists, but this, is another form of sexism so serious rights could be protested. And about that 1%, I was informed a guy called Mensah took part in the poll, whatever this means, I do not know—spoilsport, AHEM!)

So, with all these reasons, really, what’s not to love about our goatees? Admit it ladies, you are jealous we need no extensions to look this good. Don’t worry though, it’s just a phase. After November, we’d start taking our razors and advertently, you seriously.

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  1. Just for the record...most girls (that is if they are attracted to mature looking and ambitious guys like I am) are suckers for guys with beards!!!!!! Omg...that kinda beard that is neatly trimmed frim the side burns down to tje goatee....*I melt* guys look so matured and hot in that kinda look. boyfriend isn't too hairy:-( love is indeed blind. Lool


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