Monday, 3 November 2014

He Writes About Grumpy Graham: The Surprise Party Review

‘Grumpy Graham: The Surprise Party’ is a play centring around Graham, a man always in a foul mood allowed to embrace the fact that his seventieth birthday has arrived and, going against all his inclinations, must celebrate this moment. The party brings home all his family and friends, with their personal baggage, looking to make this event memorable for him. But oblivious to them all, the events which would take place during the subsequent days after the party would be both a surprise to them all as well as Graham.

A play rich with comedy and drama, enough to entertain, teach and impart values to its audience.


The acting was beautiful. It didn’t really feel contrived at all (like most plays I have 
seen). All the characters wowed and were amazing to watch. The levels they portrayed happiness, sorrow, pain, joy was breath-taking and it wasn’t hard to be moved along with the audience as I sat to enjoy it.

Family toasting Graham. Graham only concerned about Cake!

Still on the characters, I’d let my piĆ©ce de resistance go to Agbenortor (played by Mustapha Issah) who brought most of the humour in the play. The characters took a liking to his Voltarian accent and his off-beat sense of humour which produced most of the laughs than any other character did from the audience. Blay (played by Nana Gyasi Owusu) was mind-blowing as well. His malapropisms were portrayed so hilariously to even reek some laughter from me (––stern reviewer with a stick up my ass).

Graham telling Eddie to go get A REAL JOB! Blay laughing in background.

Watching the play was really worth it last Saturday and boy did I enjoy myself! I really cannot wait for the next instalment of Grumpy Graham hopefully out next year, because I really wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world (except peeing which I’ve loved doing off late J).

Graham beats 'Blackie' up for wishing him a Happy Birthday

My rating: A ten out of ten (10/10)––The first ever piece I have given the full rating mark to. And if I do say it’s a ten, really, do you need an opinion from the audience?

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