Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Going Loose November: Outfits to Help You Cross Over To The Light!

(I Also blogged this with Gh Campus)

Shedding your old skin and growing a new one is all what these latter months in the year are all about. So say bye to the heavy layering, the dense fabrics and the chip on your shoulder (bye, bye comeback shoulder pads!). And embrace a lighter you these latter months in hopes for transitioning into whatever new style you are picking up in the New Year.

We at GH Campus suggest these collections buoyant enough to give everyone the feeling you have a natural wave following your every step and inspiring enough to help you cross over to the light.

These crop jeans would award you the Shedding Off Old Skin Look

Still add some posh as you go loose with Jackets of lighter fabrics

Ditch the jacket, get on this striped navy top, your jeans, gladiators. Good to go!

This polka dotted dress has enough flair with light enough fabric to allow you flow with the wind

Go short, show some skin in skin-baring outfits with light fabrics such as these.

So go on with shedding off your own skin by trying some of these collections above. Bare your skin, dance with the wind, feel like the only girl in the world!

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