Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Book News: Five Reasons You Should Read The Summer Without You by Karen Swan.

Book Description: Rowena Tipton isn't looking for a new life, just a new adventure, something to while away the months as her long-term boyfriend presses pause on their relationship before they become engaged. But when a chance encounter at a New York wedding leads to an audition for a coveted houseshare in The Hamptons - Manhattan's elite beach scene - suddenly a new life is exactly what she's got. Stretching before her is a summer with three eclectic housemates, long days on white sand ocean beaches and parties on gilded tennis courts. But high rewards bring high stakes and Rowena soon finds herself caught in the crossfire of a vicious intimidation campaign. Alone for the first time in her adult life, she has no-one to turn to but a stranger who is everything she doesn't want - but possibly everything she needs...

It's a long time I made this feature on a book. But I've realized my reviews can be so long and incompatible with the schedule of an avid reader mom/professional who just wants to find out what the goddamn features about a book I'm going on and on about and get on with work.

So, for a clipped yet insightful version of my reviews...

HERE are five reasons to read The Summer Without You by Karen Swan.

1. Everyone really goes on about how excited they are for this festive season. But for some of you who could do without the chill and would want a book radiating with lots of sunshine...

2. It's not really about The Hamptons. It's about the heart put in the Hamptons.

3. Just in case your boyfriend decides to put a pause on your relationship and go backpacking around Asia, you need a companion like Rowena Tipton to inform you...

A) It's just OK to mop around in his clothes.

B) It's OK to focus on your career.

C) It's OK to put things away and have the best Summer of your life without him.

4. Your chick-lit should never be void of suspense, humor, romance and attempted murders.

5. Just in case you want a book that speaks on a cause critical to all humanity: Natural Disasters.

Or you have got some time on your hands to read my five-star review of The Summer Without You? Before you hit Amazon to purchase Karen Swan's finest?

Till next time, revisit your summer bliss!



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