Monday, 3 November 2014

Be the role-model along the lines of the runway: Habits For Anyone Gracing (the front-row of) a Fashion Show!

November has finally reared its head. Besides the Award Shows, the jitters for the looming examination weeks and the anticipation for Harmattan––surprise, surprise––there’s the ever-glamorous Glitz Fashion Week to look out for.

In the only season where all fashionistas around Africa and the globe coincide to witness art (yes, yes, we also think Fashion is very avant-garde) from designers across the continent, dazzle themselves in the limelight of renowned fashion photographers, drink bubbly (during the after parties) and say their goodbyes hoping for a better event next year, you can’t not want to be the epitome of style and glamour.
We at GH Campus put together runway habits and accessories to get you out-staging these Afro-centric designers’ pieces, sitting front row and noting above the brim of your sunglasses which styles make your closet’s cut or not for the next season!

The first accessory, a runway attendee should always be caught in are a pair of sunglasses. In a world where grabbing some Ray Bans is very conspicuous, you’d want to wear brands that are worth-spotting around a posy crowd eyeing all the labels and making their personal notes on ones they’d have to Google later.

Mary-Kate Rewards Herself With A No-nonsense look to stand out from her peers
Cat-eyed for your undisrupted perusal

Denim jeans are so runway-like. Skinny-legged jeans are the most-worn items at a fashion show. Besides giving you the endless legs models would gawk at till they lose focus and trip (hurrah, hurrah!), they are easy to get around with so you could French Kiss all your acquaintances.

Nicole Richie rocking before Paris 

models, prepare to be dazzled

You can never draw the wrong crowd with an intricately embellished top during a fashion show (unless there’s too much tacky cleavage on display). With a well-designed but simple shirt, you could take the attention off your sleek legs and show the crowd around you have the boobs, or the trim waist they’d trade their anorexic features for (Take that, Skinny Bitches!).

Jada Pinkett Smith: Kids, if only they listened to us before stepping out in what they consider "appropriate."

Now, pair this DK baby with a jeans and a bomber jacket

Who wouldn’t want to grace their arms with an Afro-bourgeois tote that introduces a sense of (first) class in their style? Remember, it’s not all about the luggage you are carrying, it’s all about getting the attention of the fashion photographers to get a ¾ spread on the page of a glossy magazine. And a tote would draw the spotlight on you more than a tiny cliché purse/clutch would.

Rose McGowan "Tote" Twice

With a colors that are not too distracting


As an unfair advantage these giraffe-sized models would be strutting around in the longest monster-heels ever made (Don’t You Just Want to Vote a Ban on Loubous?!), do not try to compete so option for a simple ballet flat. Yes, there’s that crap out there about not selling yourself short, but even if you did sell yourself tall all the shows would be booked anyway. So why be another model-lookalike?

Princess Beatrice Paying Heed To Royal Protocol

For effortlessly stylish... pick...

These tricks should get you walking up to the runway, claiming your seat and directing all the attention necessary to walk on air.

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