Tuesday, 18 November 2014


"Thank God you came in before things turned nasty!"

Upon a survey conducted, we asked the men to spill out reasons they could have cheated on you ladies, but didn’t. The stream of replies was nothing compared to that of the ladies after we put the topic up for them.  So here you have it, gents, reasons your ladies could have been running off with other men, but didn’t.

11 When You Hated Seeing Our Best Friend’s Photos as our Watsapp Display Photos. 
If I wasn't her best friend, I'd be taking her cooler places!

But you used the pictures of girls who desperately want you––you and I both know this––yet you expect us to be so cool with that. REALLY, you should know we were contemplating on dialling up the numbers of guys who cared about our feelings enough to use us as their Display Photos.

10 When We Were So Concerned About What You Wore To An Event. 

"If I have to be honest, this is clear evidence you really are not the hottest guy on the planet, boyfriend."

But you just brushed it off and wore something we wouldn’t approve only for you to get angry when we kept sizing up other guys immaculately dressed at the event.

9 When All We Wanted Was Just A Call From You 

but you kept reminding us if you’d wanted someone needy you’d have gone for the next girl trying earnestly to get your attention.

8 When You Kept Playing Hard-To-Get 

Don't I Know she'd come back, running for me?

when playing hard is just another of the privileges out there for our gender, not yours!

7 When You Complained about us cuddling the stuffy teddy bears 

These bears don't bite like you do

on our beds but we just wouldn’t give you a hug. We really didn’t get why you always, always wanted a hug.

6 When It’s Our Birthdays 

I'd rather fake it than get you something expensive

and you completely forget to even say happy birthday. We weren’t looking for a big, grande gift but perhaps something to show you hadn’t forgotten one of the most important days in our lives?

5 When You Are Going Out Of Your Way To Please Us In Bed 

This Leo won't budge

even though we keep telling you that you really need not stress about your (low) sex drive.

4 When You Are Constantly Asking Us For Our Numbers and telling us we are lying when we inform you, you are our first.

3 When You Were Just Jealous a lecturer made the class applaud us for answering a question right. (OK. Never mind the lecturer doesn’t give you the same special treatment for getting your answers, um, not quite right).

2 When You Demand Food The Minute You Walk Into Our Rooms, you make our roommates worry why we bother getting everything at your beck and call.

1 When We Say No, 

He's got a foot fetish!!

then you say Yes, then we say No, then you say Yes, then we say No! You get our drift? YOU KEEP ASKING!!

So there you have it. Just when we thought the ladies are supposed to be faithful no matter what!

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