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He Writes... About Reasons, Reasoning And Other Reasons To Move On (While You Can)!

TYPING: They say love is the feeling you feel when you feel you have never felt such feeling before. I'm pretty much sure I haven't felt this feeling of being insane before... (could this be love?)

EwuraEsi has deserted me!

That's how my life has been since I got the news. I have been moving in an ethereal state after the message that shattered my life. As if all the torment from the shock isn't enough, I get repeated reality checks!! Like now:

EwuraEsi has deserted me! :(

Things would get better, right? When I am in school. They have to.

Fast-foward: I am in school. Things haven't got better!! I miss EwuraEsi already. All I keep thinking about is her not-so-hilarious sense of humor. Her never-ending optimism.

"Kobs, you have got to keep it together."—

That's Ida on the other end. Ida, my fabulous Danish friend who's thousand kilometers away in time to calm me. I love Ida. She always senses my distress meter, and gives a call whenever it bleeps on her end. Like she's doing now.

"Really, how can I keep it together?" I bark in hushed tones down the headset as I walk out of the lecture theatre. "This has to be the worst feeling ever. I feel like she left and sliced a big chunk of me with her."

"You know, if you miss her that much, the least you could do is reply to her message."

"I won't!" I scream obnoxiously. I look left, look right, then look left again.—

Facebook Inbox

EwuraEsi: Hi, Kobs. I know I should have told you sooner. But I am no more in Ghana. Good luck with your dreams.

Kobby: EwuraEsi, Please, Please!! You can't do this to me!! I need you back!! Please!!

Ten minutes later...

Kobby: EwuraEsi, reply to my message! I beg you!! I just saw your last online and you were online exactly the time I sent the previous one! Please, Please. Tell me why you would do such a thing to me!

Five minutes later...

Kobby: I'm thinking back, haven't I done anything good to you our entire friendship? Please reply.

Two minutes later...

Kobby: OK, so maybe all I did was burden you with my problems! But I have only had two minutes to think about it! I'll keep thinking. But in the meantime, just say a word, please. —

"Ida, I won't message her! Stop forcing me! Can't a boy keep his pride!"

"OK. Then don't. No need to yell at me!"

"Sorry, Ida. I'm just grumpy. I am grateful for you everyday, I don't know what I'd do if you leave me."

She disconnects the call that instant. I realize it's an international number. Oops.

I get to my hostel, and desperately begin watsapping all my contacts that were once my priority before EwuraEsi messed my life and ditched me...

EwuraEsi ditched my arse!

I know I should be spending this time writing. But I wouldn't really be able to focus! I am really trying my best not to take to writing angst poetry. Because that's how I feel! Scorned! Abandoned! Dejected!

Hey, you know, keeping up with your friends EwuraEsi B.C and your friends EwuraEsi A.D can be so much fun! Or at least, if I keep psyching myself that it is, it will eventually be.

There's Freda, again, wondering if she'd ever find The One. (My reply: Freda, what if you have met The One but you are ignoring him... to speak to me!). There's Andrew telling me of course, how pathetic I am to ask him how he's doing (My reply: Oh, you have a way of making people feel on top of the world! Or do you reserve such special treatment for only me? His reply: Yes, Yes, I do! My reply.... oh, why do I let this boy get on my nerves). And there's Brian...

EwuraEsi deserted me!!

OMG! A sense of deja vu has gripped me.

Before I know it, I am running out of my hostel.

The Royal Parade Grounds at KNUST is littered with metallic ring benches, filled with students who either come to enjoy each other's company (the only way a boy and girl can!) or assemble for study-group meetings. I am here, clutching my phone and shivering as though I was just pulled out of the Arctic as I speak to Ida.

"Everyone has abandoned me. EwuraEsi, now, Brian."

"Ouch. That should hurt." She says placatingly. "Kobby, you would get through this. You always do. Brian meant a lot to you and so did—wait, WHO IS BRIAN?"

"Brian, my only best lanky friend I had in Motown? He's going to Columbia!"

"Really, how many best friends do you have? It's not fair on them! Neither is it on you."

"You are missing the point here, Obroni. What would I do? I have nothing to live for in Accra."

"OK. OK. Let's find a solution!" She yells more out of desperation than in consolation. "You have got to make something out of your life! Weren't you on that thing you told me about in the yearbook? What was it you said? Yeah! Most Likely To Succeed In Future!"

Half-truth. It had been Most Likely To (Never) Succeed In Future (In Bleaching). Funny how you could tell a lie by omitting a few unnecessary additions. But I still claim it's the fault of the printers! I mean, my friends do love me and they wouldn't continue staging a mock-show over my complexion even after we graduate! And why is this still even getting on my nerves, black is beauty!

"Ida, you are digressing. Stick to the point!—" All it had to take was a pen of a study group member at a nearby bench to fall, causing echoes in my ear. Then it struck me!—"I would write! I would write a personal blog. I would bare my life out to all, for everyone to learn moving young adult lessons. A 'What To Do When All Your Friends Abandon You For Cooler Countries' manual."

"That's genius!"

"You would read it, wouldn't you?"

She disconnects the call that instant...

And that's how I sat there smiling all through twilight. I had figured what I'd do to be happy and there was no stopping me now...

EwuraEsi deserted me!

But that didn't sting as much as it used to previously. This was the beginning of a new turning point in my life.

TYPING: In Shakespeare's words: Your life doth sucketh, Macbeth. But that shouldn't be the end of the world. It should be the beginning of a new chapter.

That moment, I got so excited I farted. The Big, Bang, Boom-Boom-Kye kind, causing heads to look in my direction.


My manners have ditched my arse!

Author's Note: Don't we all have those moments we mistakenly fart when we are so excited? Don't we have those moments you could win GHC 10 this Friday (tomorrow) for commenting on this post. Similar Situations. Yes, yes!

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  1. Haaaaaahaaaaa.. but wait! Lets face reality! I thought guys were usually the ones who just took it like men and then disregarded girls from then on...well what can I're the Jesus who died for the sins of the felt the pain the girls feel then and now....scary right??..but come on...There are bigger fishes in the sea yeah!!!;-)


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